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Church wasn't exactly the most patient of individuals. Especially after being sent out here to live on a base alone for bullshit reasons after everything he'd been through. So he finds the ride out to be fucking aggravating as hell. Every little bump irritates the shit out of him, and he's not content until he's left alone by the pilot who drops him off. Even then, he's kind of irritable for a while, until it occurs to him: there's no one here.

It's the best day of his life.

He spends most of his time not thinking about the things that have happened—very pointedly—especially not Tex's death in that plane, caused by that piece of shit Red sergeant asshole. Thinking about that only serves to depress him, and he needs to just stay away from that topic, at least for a while.

After spending, oh, about a week in bed, Church starts patrols. He patrols the wall, the guard turret, the yard, the base itself, the wall again... Well, there's not that much to this base, it turns out. But it's enough to keep him busy, he figures.


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