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Info Post

Delta is a modified artificial intelligence program created for the United Nations Space Command Special Forces, Project Freelancer. While he has neither the processing power nor the complete emotional range of a "smart" AI (like Cortana from Halo), he is 26th century technology and capable of controlling complex technical systems such as power armor and vehicles, including small spacecraft. Delta currently occupies the body of the Meta, a rogue Freelancer who collected AIs and special armor enhancements by murdering his former teammates and stealing their gear. However, neither Maine's consciousness nor the other AI programs followed him into Nuadoria. This may prove difficult as he adjusts to having a human body. When speaking over the network, he prefers to present himself as his customary 8-inch green hologram in Mark V armor holding a pistol. If he were to be encountered without armor, his voice would sound significantly different as he would be speaking through Maine and not through a synthesizer. Maine's voice is deep and raspy. (Maine's name was Gray Langham before he entered the project.)

Delta is extremely logical and not entirely familiar with the full range of human emotions. When paired with a human partner, Delta would ask for clarification on the emotions he sensed. Despite this, he has been described as cold toward his enemies and kind toward his friends. He strives to be objective but knows he can be influenced, especially by his "family" AI programs.

One suit of power armor with various enhancements. These enhancements include:
* an overshield
* invisibility
* a radar jammer/motion detection block
* color-changing ability
* the ability to slow down, stop, or loop brief segments of time (about a minute or so)
The time manipulation ability remains locked to him until he can replicate the Gamma AI's special programming. He will also experience massive power fluctuations if he attempts to use more than one ability at once, causing damage to him physically as well as to the systems. Unless he could get access to a very powerful, portable energy source, these limitations will remain in effect.

Standard issue equipment on the armor includes a short-distance helmet radio, loudspeaker, long-distance "telephone" radio, hydrostatic gel to minimize impact damage, undersuit and ceramic plates capable of withstanding very high or low temperatures (such as being set on fire or in the vacuum of space), and a basic energy shield to deflect projectiles and plasma bursts. There is also a layer of crystalline AI memory for AI support and a holographic projector which allows an AI to project images (usually of itself).

One Magnum (8 rounds) and spare clip (40 rounds).

One Brute Shot grenade launcher with 18 grenades. It features a sharp curved bayonet on its underside, which is used as a powerful melee weapon.

Delta is a personality fragment of the Alpha, Leonard Church. When Alpha was tortured in order to split into many AIs for the use of the Project, Delta broke off so Alpha would not realize why he was being tortured. Once his creators were satisfied that he had no memory of his creation and that he was stable, they paired him with a Freelancer Agent for field testing. His partner was Agent Foxtrot-12, or York. York worked as an infiltration specialist and they ran many successful missions together until an incident with the Omega AI ended up permanently damaging York's left eye. York and Delta left the program - Delta was supposed to have been taken and deleted like the other AIs once the Program disbanded, but York kept him as he felt Delta was not a threat to anyone.

Things were quiet for a while as York and Delta lay low, but when Agent Texas came around with a mission and a chance for vengeance, they took it. One firefight later his partner was dead and Delta assumed he was to follow. But in a deliberate breach of UNSC protocol, he was not deleted. Agent Washington recovered Delta (as well as York's armor enhancement, a healing unit) and prepared to return him to Command. A mission got in the way and, to keep Delta safe, Wash left the AI with Agent South Dakota. South then proceeded to shoot Wash in the back and run off with Delta, against Delta's reocmmendation. He spent the next year assisting her, though they never grew close.

Learning that Wash was alive, South tracked him down and was attacked by the creature Wash had been hunting, a rogue agent known as the Meta. South was prepared to bargain for her own life by giving Delta to the Meta, but was killed as the Meta was chased off by Wash and two Blues. Wash once again assigned Delta to another person for safekeeping, a Blue soldier named Caboose. Between Caboose's memories and the presence of the other Blue, Leonard Church, Delta realized some essential things about the nature of himself and his fellow AIs. He left a message for Church inside Caboose's memories and was taken by the Meta in the next encounter.

After joining with the other six AIs in the Meta, Delta became part of the merged consciousness. He remained in that state until the EMP blast in Freelancer Headquarters, at which point he found himself on his way to Nuadoria....