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Name: Anarin

Contact Information: [ profile] anarin

Personal Journal: [ profile] starlit_dragon

Age: 30

Characters Played: None yet!

Who Referred you: Belle + Farli


Name: Delta

Fandom: Red vs. Blue

Age: About 5

Canon Point: Season 6, as Caboose is unconscious

Original Universe or Alternate Universe? OU

Personality: Delta is logical. The entire purpose of his creation was to separate the logic from the emotional centers of the original AI so it would not realize what was occurring as it split. So, while he is not pure logic as a "dumb" AI might be, he is unfamiliar with and at times uncomfortable around strong human emotions. As clearly shown in the last episode of Out of Mind, he is strongly attached to his partner; even when given an opportunity to work with the top-rated Agent in the field, he prefers to stay with York and be deleted rather than let him die alone and in pain. This decision is noted as kind by Tex, to which Delta responds "It's just part of what makes us human" - ironic, of course, as he had earlier noted the human perspective as flawed, yet recognizes the tendency to react emotionally in severe circumstances within himself as well. Another example of this trend is noted later in canon, when he remarks to Church that, once part of the Meta, he may not want to help Church and his allies anymore.

He strives to be objective where others are concerned, stating that good and evil are human constructs, but is more willing to be subjective where York is concerned. He indulges York's pride, his need for revenge, and his trust of Tex beyond what he is simply ordered to do: unlike with his later partners, Delta does not try to talk York out of a course of action, merely asking for York's reasoning and providing his own logical opinion. He will often tease York, however, as he is fully comfortable in the knowledge that his partner knows when to take him seriously. He does this to a lesser extent with Agent Washington in Recovery One, although expressly not with Caboose or South in Reconstruction; in South's case, because he does not sympathize with her and in Caboose's case because Caboose would not understand. Delta has a distinct dislike or fear of loneliness. He refers to himself as being analogous to a fragment, which is true as revealed in the latter half of Reconstruction. He expresses this several times, beginning when he would prefer to be destroyed when his partner dies and progressing to insisting to Agent Washington that Wash should implant him, and lastly joining his fellow intelligence programs inside the Meta when the situation leaves no alternatives. His relaxed nature with York compared to his other partners suggests that he does not feel that way with York.

In conclusion, although most observers only see Delta's logical side, that's hardly all there is to the little AI - but it might not show unless he's with York.

Background: This is his wiki entry but it's not the best. Delta lives in a spinoff of the Halo universe. He comes from the mid-26th century during the first year after the Human-Covenant War as part of Project Freelancer. Specifically, he is an AI, a fragment of a smart AI. Due to extensive torture, the Alpha AI was fragmented into several aspects and then rebuilt by an Engineer. Because of this, Delta shares several characteristics of a full smart AI such as adaptability, but because he is a logic fragment his understanding and ability to express other emotions is limited. His exact age is unknown but an estimate based on the vague timeline of the canon, but unlike a full smart AI, Delta is not subject to rampancy.

Other Notables: Delta is an AI, so he will need a human body. I will be using Matthew Grey Gubler as a PB.

Inventory: None


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LOG SAMPLE: This one is kind of short but recent. Longer but in AI form rather than human form.