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P L A Y E R   I N F O R M A T I O N
Your Name: Anarin
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Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: Nope
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C H A R A C T E R   I N F O R M A T I O N
Name: Delta
Canon: Red vs. Blue
Original or Alternate Universe: Canon
Canon Point: Reconstruction chapter 8, before he gets taken by the Meta
Number: 164


It is the middle of the 26th century. Humankind, once spread out over many successful worlds by faster-than-light Slipspace travel, has come under an attack by an alien Covenant of races whose religion declares their very existence anathema. The Covenant is better organized, better equipped, and far larger in population than the humans, and we have been losing the war world by world for nearly three decades. The United Nations Space Command, or UNSC, has been trying desperate strategy after desperate strategy to get some kind of advantage, but few have ever shown any successful results. As the aliens spread their reach to the Inner Colonies and even, potentially, to Earth itself, things become even more strained. Dr. Leonard Church is given free reign over his own military experiments and Project Freelancer is born. Its mission statement is "To ensure the security of humanity in a harsh and violent galaxy" and is focused around the idea of pairing soldiers in advanced power armor directly with aggressive artificial intelligence programs via neural interface.

Technology is highly advanced, but still recognizable as "human" in origin (for example, the Warthog is still known to many as a Jeep). Moreover, 21st-century Earth has had a lasting impact on those in the Program, as they often make reference to pop culture and celebrities of that era. As an AI, Delta is familiar with these references but attaches no emotional significance to them. This is because, as an intelligence program, his role in society is to assist humans, specifically the UNSC and more specifically his assigned partner, York, in whatever they should need assistance with. Whether it's managing a city like the Superintendent AI of New Mombasa or piloting a starship and hacking into alien databases like Cortana, Delta is prepared. However, his main use is to analyze a tactical situation and provide guidance, suggest strategy, notice and take into consideration all facets of a situation, and if necessary directly control his partner's body to accomplish a mission.

Naturally, in his new human body, he will be unable to access most of his functions.

The Director of Project Freelancer had a theory. Human forces were getting ruthlessly smashed in combat time after time by Covenant technology, not to mention human Insurrectionists constantly causing trouble behind our own lines. Clearly the old strategies needed some new insight, and with the recent advances in both armor and AI technology, perhaps these AI could be combined with the armor in order to provide soldiers with superior technology and battle tactics. Such a theory would need extensive testing before being deployed in the field, though, so he developed a Project dedicated to this goal. The problem was that he could only ever get one smart AI. That was when the Director got creative.

Smart AI are based upon an electronic impression of a human mind. The human mind can be fractured by extreme stress. Using a highly valuable alien asset, the Director used repeated torture to split the Alpha AI into different personality fragments so that each could be used in his experiments. The first to be split off in this manner was the Alpha's logic, so that he wouldn't realize why he was being tortured. They named this fragment Delta.

Of the 49 Freelancer agents, each were given a codename corresponding to a state and competed against each other in training missions to test their suitability for AI implantation. One successful team was Agent York and Delta, specializing in infiltration. They ran several missions together before Agent Texas confronted them with the truth about the Project. Unwilling to condone the torture of the Alpha, they assisted in a breakin and disabled the UNSC Mother of Invention, providing enough distraction to allow Texas and the others to complete their objectives. During the ship's crash, though, York had a fight with his commanding officer and love interest, Agent Carolina, which caused him to leave the Project altogether.

York and Delta remained on the run for several years, abandoning the war to survive on their own. They kept an eye on transmissions from the Project, but eventually York made his peace with the fact that Carolina was not coming back. They remained peacefully alone until Tex contacted them once more for help in an infiltration project against Agent Wyoming. York was killed in this battle, and Delta chose to remain with him and, per protocol, be deleted when his armor shut down rather than going with Tex and living without his partner.

Of course, as with so many others, that protocol was violated by the Director as well. Delta was recovered from his encrypted state by Agent Washington. Following this, Delta was reluctantly helping Washington track down an unknown force that was hunting Freelancers when he was temporarily implanted in Agent South Dakota for safety (since Wash had refused the implantation). South then proceeded to shoot Wash in the back and leave him for the Hunter, taking Delta and fleeing the Project now that she finally had her own AI.

After being on the run for some time, South was eventually found by this hunter, now being called the Meta. While holding him off she was rescued by Wash and some Blue soldiers, but Delta having not been impressed by her last decision to use him as bait and hold off the Meta suggests that he be moved to a new partner. He was transferred to Private Caboose and, in revenge for her earlier acts, Wash shot South in the head. During his short time with Caboose, Delta provided the Blues with some essential background information on the Project when, during the battle, Caboose was injured. Lying there unconscious, Delta detected the approach of the Meta right as he was drawn into a jump from the Tranquility....

Delta is logical. The entire purpose of his creation was to separate the logic from the emotional centers of the original AI so it would not realize what was occurring as it split. So, while he is not pure logic as a "dumb" AI might be, he is unfamiliar with and at times uncomfortable around strong human emotions. As clearly shown in the last episode of Out of Mind, he is strongly attached to his partner; even when given an opportunity to work with the top-rated Agent in the field, he prefers to stay with York and be deleted rather than let him die alone and in pain. This decision is noted as kind by Tex, to which Delta responds "It's just part of what makes us human" - ironic, of course, as he had earlier noted the human perspective as flawed, yet recognizes the tendency to react emotionally in severe circumstances within himself as well. Another example of this trend is noted later in canon, when he remarks to Church that, once part of the Meta, he may not want to help Church and his allies anymore.

He strives to be objective where others are concerned, stating that good and evil are human constructs, but is more willing to be subjective where York is concerned. He indulges York's pride, his need for revenge, and his trust of Tex beyond what he is simply ordered to do: unlike with his later partners, Delta does not try to talk York out of a course of action, merely asking for York's reasoning and providing his own logical opinion. He will often tease York, however, as he is fully comfortable in the knowledge that his partner knows when to take him seriously. He does this to a lesser extent with Agent Washington in Recovery One, although expressly not with Caboose or South in Reconstruction; in South's case, because he does not sympathize with her and in Caboose's case because Caboose would not understand. Delta has a distinct dislike or fear of loneliness. He refers to himself as being analogous to a fragment, which is true as revealed in the latter half of Reconstruction. He expresses this several times, beginning when he would prefer to be destroyed when his partner dies and progressing to insisting to Agent Washington that Wash should implant him, and lastly joining his fellow intelligence programs inside the Meta when the situation leaves no alternatives. His relaxed nature with York compared to his other partners suggests that he does not feel that way with York.

In conclusion, although most observers only see Delta's logical side, that's hardly all there is to the little AI - but it might not show unless he's with York.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:
Delta has a vast array of abilities in his natural form, but he will be unable to access them in a human body. I would propose giving him a basic neural lace so he is not completely disoriented and useless in a human body. Neural implants are mandatory in Halo-verse for military personnel and are how an AI such as Delta typically interacts with an implantation partner. This would give him a slight advantage in calculations, encryption and decryption, and ensure his memory remains eidetic.

Delta is also capable of calculating probabilities and performing other complex math equations in a matter of moments. These would be limited to the speed of a human brain, although at one functioning at genius level. Delta has a vast knowledge of human science, history, and literature although since he no longer has access to his digital files, anything he learned previous to his arrival on the Tranquility would be limited to Wikipedia-level knowledge.

Inventory: A single AI implantation chip in which he used to reside. It can be used to store an immense amount of data and has a very small holo-projection tank.

Appearance: Delta will be altered to fit into a human body per the rules. I will be using Matthew Gray Gubler as a PB. He is 6'1", skinny, and has brown hair and brown eyes. He appears to be somewhere between 25 and 35 years old.

Image link:

Age: At his canon point, Delta is approximately 6 years old. However, he was "born" from the fully mature mind impression of an adult human, so he is considered fully mature and even slightly old as far as AI in his universe go.

AU Clarification: n/a

Log Sample:
Disorientation upon waking up in the gravity couches is an understatement. As much as anyone might be confused to find themselves rudely awakening from a stasis pod, well, at least most of them would be used to seeing it from a human perspective. Delta was not. As with all the Freelancer AIs, he'd looked out his partner's eyes once or twice - but there had always been the comforting data from his armor to rely upon, or at least the pulse of data from his chip.

Now it was the unfamiliar sensation of moving his own limbs. It was a good thing this body seemed to have its own instincts about how to move and breathe, because for the first few minutes Delta is as weak as a baby and uncoordinated to boot. Eventually, he opens his eyes again and stumbles to his feet, groping for a wall to support himself with. There appear to be others ins a similar (though less severe) state headed for the lockers, so for lack of a better alternative he spends his time between the two locations trying to get the hang of moving.

Unfamiliar body or not, his eyes quickly pick up on the tattoo with an unfamilair number, and as others seem to be heading to lockers in a similar number range he finds his own. Well, at least there are clothes inside. As his hand-eye coordination develops, he slips into the regulation jumpsuit and attempts to control his breathing. He'd told South as much back during his implantation in her - remember to keep breathing - and focusing on keeping his breaths deep and even does in fact help him to calm down. Unlike with any of the others, who seem to be recovering personal items, weapons, and non-standard-issue clothing, Delta finds only one additional item in his locker. He blinks as he picks up what he recognizes as his own chip and has his first experience of dizziness. No, that's definitely his chip. So what is he doing here.

A hand reaches up in an imitation of one of York's gestures and Delta feels that this human body does in fact have an implantation slot in its neck. He reminds himself again to take deep, steady breaths and stands against the wall for a few long moments. Then, resisting an urge to place his chip into his own slot, he slips the chip into a pocket. There will be time to analyze this later. For now he needs to gather more information.

Delta follows the suggestion and heads for the blue lift.

Comms Sample:
[It takes Delta no more than a few moments to acquaint himself with the communicator and its functions, quickly filling in the various customization options so he can browse recent postings. Finding (or, more to the point, not finding) what he's looking for, he hesitantly decides to ask a question of his own. He'll bring up the keyboard and type quickly, despite never having the need to use it before.]

Very little information about this ship appears to be present on these devices. Where can more information be found regarding its level of technology and the theories behind these "jumps"?

[After all, nothing in his experience could turn an AI human. There must be someone here with an idea how that happened.]