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CR Chart for [ profile] singularity_rpg

CR Chart for [ profile] singularity_rpg

York ★ You complete me.
RED VS. BLUE (au)howkickassiam

Carolina ★ Partner of Delta's siblings Psi (pessimism) and Chi (innocence), Carolina is the second most important person to Delta on this station as she is York's dead-at-home girlfriend. He regards her with an echo of York's intense love and also adores her two AI, though he knows that the three of them sharing a single mind can only result in disaster.
RED VS. BLUE (oc)threehalfs

Tex ★ Not only from an earlier point in time than Delta, Tex is also from an alternate universe where the Freelancer AI were implanted in dragons; Omega is a large black dragon and, apparently, in her world Delta is a tiny green hatchling. He is extremely tickled by this notion.
RED VS. BLUE (au) guntogold

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